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Hassan//Washington : "Les Intouchables" Did It, Again ! CONGRATULATIONS ! Mr. Ait Djoudi should be selected as the COACH OF THE YEAR ! If, for any reason, Mr. Saadane resigns, our National Team should count on Mr. Ait Djoudi. He is very qualified for the job. I am happy for Nabil Hemmani for scoring twice ; he is a well-disciplined player — a true professional ! Yesterday’s result has proved beyond any doubt that al Kahla-o-Beida is the best team in Algeria, and no other team comes even close. Nowadays, every ESS match has become a must-see game for Algeria’s soccer fans inside and outside our country ! Even the media (press) follows the Super Eagles more than any other club ! Finally, I am still very mad at the "Blida fans" who tried to ridicule and taunt Hadj Aissa and his teammates in the Benin game. Those imbeciles should realize that al Kahla-o-Beida has been the only Algeria’s team lately that saved the reputation and the honor of our country’s soccer. But as the French say, "la bave du crapeau n’atteint pas la colombe blanche" — in our case, it’s the mighty eagle. Al Hamdu Lillahi, the Super Eagle is in good health and soaring very high — out of reach of the jealous and the hatemongers. Arriba ESS Y Viva Argelia !

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