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Hassan//Washington : First of all, I am not going to argue with you, "citizen", nor I am going to answer you, again ; you are not worth it. Secondly, I always write for my dignified Algerian brothers. I will never write for "les Frouchards" ; may Allah forbid. You are the one who should be ashamed of yourself. The late Abdehamid Ben Badis, may Allah rest his soul, said, once, "al Jazair is not France, has never been France, and does not wish to be France. We are proud Algerians ; we live for Algeria, and will die for Algeria. We feel much superior than your "froggies"(tes grenouilles) ; after all, we beat their ass in the war. "Mi amigo", as you see, we are revolutionaries. We don’t give a damn about "la langue de Bigeard and Aussaresse". We educated ourselves to defend our beloved Algeria from ignorants, like yourself. Finally, here is another French saying for you : "Honni soit qui mal y pense !" P.S : To brother Zorgane, I would like to say : Thanks, again". But,sir, this "citizen" needs help — psychiatric help, poor man ! Kahla-o-Beida Now and Forever — Eat your heart out, "citizen" !!!

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