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Hassan///Washington : In “Haute Couture” uniforms, Algeria’s Most Beloved Team Wins with Grace and Elegance ! Mashaa Allah…Mashaa Allah ! First of all, I would like to say, congratulations to all Algerians on this big and very important win. We are so proud of Mr. Belhout’s gladiators, and we wish them more success. Nowadays, our people follows ESS as if it were the National Team. This unique club has honored us and represented our country with such dignity and panache. For that, we are very thankful to Mr. Serrar – the best soccer manager in Algeria – for building such a team that has become the best Ambassador for our nation. I have the feeling that 2009 will be the year of Africa. Again, as I said before, Al Kahla-o-Beida is ready to take over the African continent. Finally, Malik Ziayia deserves to be called to our National Team ; he is the best goal scorer in Algeria – I am going to comment on Mr. Saadane’s players’ list. For our newly discovered hero – Ziayia, that is – I would like to advise him to be patient, concentrated ; his time with the National Team is bound to come…and very soon Insha Allah !...Black-and-White Now and Forever !!! P.S : The uniforms, worn by team against ENNPI, were beautiful and COOOOOL. I hope Hadj Rourawa follows the example of Mr. Serrar and change the “chiffon” uniforms made by “le Coq Gaulois” – oh, I mean Sportif — with a much classier trade mark. Arriba ESS Y Viva Argelia !!!

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