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Assalem aleikoum Dear Revio : I can assure that I am from Setif (for at least 5 generations, I do not know where are we from before that). We have our own agriculture land which is 7 kms from Setif city center. Probably you are going to say I am “Berri” well yes my father (Allah yarahmou) was a farmer and I am very proud of him. He worked very hard to educate his children. For your information I have a PhD, I lived and worked in 4 different continents and no one ever told me “you cannot live or work in their city, country, and continent” because I am from Setif/Algeria. And I will be as proud as being from Setif, Msila or any other place in Algeria. By the way all people, you have listed (who according to you do not deserve to live in Setif) are Algerians which means they have the right to live anywhere they want in Algeria whether you liked or not. So as Mohamed “Salah Allah alayhi wa salem” said “Atroukou Alkabalia Inha Aafina”.

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