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Hassan (Washington) : A very hard pill to swallow, but “la Negra” shall overcome…Insha Allah ! Some observations : 1) Djabou is the best player in Algeria. 2) Chaouchi is the best goalkeeper in the League. 3) The referee should be thrown behind bars (Serkadji is a good place for him) to be re-educated – he was truly a jerk. 4) MCA did not show anything besides stealing the three points – WHAT A SHAME ! 6) This is the only way how other teams could beat ESS – I mentioned that in my last comment – with the help of dishonest refs. 7) The headquarters (offices) of “la FAF” should be moved from “Alger”. 8) The commentator of “Canal Algerie Française) was too noisy. 9) The Black-and-White is still, by far, the best team in our country. 10) I like the remark of a brother, above, who said that the eagle could land and re-fly (again), but chickens (les poules) could not – Thank you, sir, for this remark ; you made us laugh !...Finally, I would like to add that although the “defeat” was “amere” , we still believe in Coach Alain Geiger and trust his troops… “Arriba la Negra” !

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