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Hassan (Washington) : ¿Qué pasa con la Negra-y-Blanca, mis amigos y amigas ? Should we worry ! Should we panic ! What’s wrong with the 8th-of-May-1945 Stadium ?! Is it cursed ? Has it become haunted ? Man, I don’t remember the last time our prestigious team (ESS) performed well or got a satisfying result in this arena ! Someone should refresh my memory, please…Personally, I can’t wait for the NEW STADIUM – Mokhtar Laaribi International Stadium – to open…The situation has become worrisome and irritating. I am aware of the fact that ESS did not recover from the marathon of last season like other teams, and the players need more time to recharge their batteries, but it has been a long time since this arena (The 8th-of-May) played the role of “HOME ADVENTAGE” in favor of ESS…Nowadays, we long for those days when this same field used to be known as “The Fire-and-Triumph” Stadium ! Man, IT’S BEEN AWHILE ! As loyal fans, we will never turn our backs against our BELOVED TEAM. The team that has given us a lot of pleasure and satisfaction in the last decade…”Sí, señor”, we still BELIEVE ! “Sí, señor”, we still trust Africa’s 2015-Best Coach – Mr. Kheir Eddine Madoui. “Si senior”, we still have a lot of respect for “El Señor” Hacene Hammar. “Sí, señor”, we still have all the confidence in Algeria’s Super Eagles (the players). There is a saying in Arabic that could apply to our nowadays’ “Kahla-o-Beida” : البطل يمرض ولا يموت …Indeed ! Insha Allah, “The Black-and-White” will come out of these hard conditions “smelling like a million bucks”, as the gringos would say,…AMEEN ! One, Two, Three, Viva L’Algerie and…Africa’s and Algeria’s Defending CHAMPIONS !!! Hassan (ملعب مختار لعريبي الدولي...عنوان النسر الأسود) (Mokhtar Laaribi International Stadium – The Future Home of the Black (...)

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