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Prime Minister of Algeria : Bouteflika is doing well

Wednesday 29 August 2007, écrit par : El Khabar, mis en ligne par : Boutebna N.

Prime Minister Mr. Abdelaziz Belkhadem called to avoid rumours and speculations about President Bouteflika health deterioration. He reassured “President Bouteflika is doing well.” Mr. Belkhadem avoided dealing with the controversial Constitution revision whilst set backs have been noticed in that way.
In a press conference held yesterday in Djnen al Mithaq, Prime Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem was displeased about the President alleged illness being the focus of media these days, in addition to citizen discontent as regards staple goods soaring prices.
Mr. Belkhadem pointed out “the president is doing well. Neither he is in a period of recovery of a serious illness nor in a time-off…he is following the public affairs from his home.”
Concerning the new wage scale to come into force as of July 2008, Belkhadem made clear that it will be enforced immediately after the elaboration of public service complementary laws.
The prime minister recognized, however, a sort of failure in conveying official information as the best way to avoid rumours and speculations is to put the facts on the table promptly, available to everyone. Thus, communication minister is to hold after each government council a press conference to shed light on the government activity as of next week.
On the controversial constitutional revision, Mr. Belkhadem said “As a prime minister, I can’t say anything about the timing; the President is the only entitled to do it.”
On another side, Prime minister tackled the security situation in July, as he provided an exhaustive toll about security services activity. He mentioned that 36 terrorists have been neutralized, 19 arrested and 15 eliminated.” He added that 36 bombs and mines have been dismantled, 22 fiefdoms destroyed. He said that the war on terror is to continue and foresees a steady improvement. He also provided a toll on the reconciliation measures implementation in terms of compensation.

From El Khabar

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