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GIA residues surrounded in the Babors heights

dimanche 12 avril 2009, écrit par : Ennahar / Samir Mansouri, mis en ligne par : Boutebna N.

According to well informed sources of ‘Ennahar,’ a special unit composed of elements of the self-defence, elements of the National People’s Army and the national police (gendarmerie) have recently begun an extensive search operation in areas where terrorist groups activate in the Mountains of Babors, mainly ’Boutou’ in ‘Ouled Arbi’, near the village of ‘Ouled Hlima,’ Municipality of ‘Serdj El Ghoul,’ District of ‘Babors north of the Department of Setif.

The elements of the terrorist organization attacked the villages and isolated Douars where there is no security coverage in the forest of the Babors. The Communal guards’ Barracks was attacked during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday last week. The terrorist operation has, fortunately, made no victim.

The search operation tends to the surrounding of residues of Armed Islamic Group (GIA), consisting of 12 elements, according to the confession of a suspected terrorist arrested in the town of Setif before the presidential elections, among the group of terrorists, an old man aged about 70 and others wounded who move in difficulty with the terrorist group that infiltrated in the Department of Jijel after the army has tightened the noose around the ‘El Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb’ on the heights of the Department of Jijel.

According to the same source, the units of the National People’s Army have been successful, recently, at a major search operation on the Babors Mountains which are considered as the basis of terrorist groups at the national level. Army forces have bombed several areas, a base of terrorist groups.

According to our sources, the terrorist group that attacked the communal guard would be the same who had killed five elements of self-defence at the place called ‘Oued El Bared’ in town of ‘Es-sebt’.

Furthermore, according to information received by Ennahar, as a testimony of repentance, Droukdal command would take over the criminal operations in the east after a period of truce, while preparing to move after the tightening of the noose around them in the center of the country and after all logistics is cut. The regression of terrorist activities in the second region is not linked only to the departure to the east, but also related to differences and conflicts between Droukdal, the national emir of the organization and the Emir of the 2nd region, Houdeifa.

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