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Hassan (Washington) : I agree with the "anonymous" brother (above) who started his comment by the following" : "C’est trop tard, meme si l’on donne des cartons rouges a toute la region de l’Est Algerien et l’Entente continue avec les cadets, nous sommes les meilleurs et serons champions, si DIEU le veut". Mashaa Allah ! Mashaa Allah ! Way to go, brother, way to go. This brother shows what kind ESS’s fans are – educated, civilized and all class. Thank you, my brother. I have said it many times before and I say it again : Al Kahla-o-Beida has the BEST FANS IN ALGERIA – Period ! To the rest of the brothers who sound pessimistic, I would like to say that they should not panic ; our beautiful “Negresse” is not in danger. We should not forget that our Super Eagles are the DOUBLE CROWN DEFENDING CHAMPIONS of our country, and winning against them by any other team is a huge accomplishment in itself. It is like in Spain, beating Barcelona by any other team in “la Liga” calls for celebrations – even by Sofiane Feghouli’s Valancia – No offense to our International star. Did you see how MCA’s players and its fans reacted to the referee’s final whistle. We should not blame them ; they haven’t achieved anything this big since the eighties. Even for Fawzi Chaouchi, winning against ESS is one of his biggest achievement – right up there with Oun Dermanne’s and Cabinda’s...My brothers, it is difficult times like these when our ESS needs our unconditional support and help. This team has given us so much, and it’s about time we STAND UNITED behind Mr. Hammar’s troops and root for them. Also, we should expose the conspirators and the plotters who are trying to ruin ALGERIA’S MOST BELOVED TEAM (ESS). Speaking of conspirators, does Kerbadj look like a sportsman ?! For me, he looks like a malnourished "Habashi" (Ethiopian) guy – with no offense to Ethiopia — who was struck by famine. He looks like a drug addict who shoot his veins with heroin daily. He looks like a crack-head. He looks like a pimp more than somebody who knows (...)

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