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Hassan (Washington) : I totally agree with brother “Fouzi. alger” (above). Come on, Mr. Arab ; you should not have a mentality of “al Baggara”. Our dear “al Kahla-o-Beida” means to us more than business – “al Biai wa Shraa”. ESS has become the most reputable soccer school in our country. It has a serious reputation to uphold and defend.. Therefore, stop thinking of ESS as just a money machine. Sir, this team is the prestige, the dignity, the pride of our Algerian soccer. Look, why I am writing now ? Is it because of financial gains ? No, because we care and adore this team. For me, I’ve said it before, al Kahla-o-Beida is my de facto National Team.It has represented all of us – Staifiya and non-Staifiya. Again, Mr. Arab, please, reconsider what you have said, and GET SERIOUS ! Sir, Wallahi, we are still hurting because of the game against the Congolese, but we still love our “Negresse”. We also still have all the confidence in Mr. Hamar’s troops. We believe they could win this CAF trophy. By the way, I am writing this comment just moments before the ESS-MCA clash. I hope “la Negra” will get a satisfactory result...Ameen ! No other team deserves this year’s Championship more than “al Kahla”, and no other fans deserves a break more than us – ESS’s fans. Man, we have been living under a tremendous amount of pressure... Finally, I would like to add this side note : We forget to thank the staff and officials of this website (and forum). Truthfully, Mr.Boutebna and company deserves a pat on the back. “Gracias mis Amigos”, and keep up the good job...Hassan (...)

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