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Algerian British Business Connect accuses CNEP Bank as investments obstructionist

Saturday 11 August 2007, écrit par : Algerian British Business Connect, mis en ligne par : Boutebna N.

Algerian British Business Connect (Center) sent a letter to the Algerian Prime Minister Mr Abdelaziz Belkhadem in order to push Reserve and Saving National Fund Bank (CNEP) to pave the way for British investors who showed interest on Setif Tower-El-Ali" project.

The letter, of which El Khabar got a copy, requested to get clarifications as some Irish and British companies submitted bids through ABBC in order to complement the project of El-Ali Tour, located in Setif city, which works are still stopped for ages.

ABBC says that CNEP bank direction has already omitted 5 bids, adding that 3 Irish and British companies could not submit their bids to acheive the above project because specifications and technical cards that the ABBC requested a long time ago from CNEP have never been received since.

The letter which is signed by ABBC Chairman Mr. Zahir Serrai requested from the Prime Minister to intervene as soon as possible to solve the issue and help the ABBC doing its job that consists in attracting as much investors as possible to Algeria.

From Algerian British Business Connect

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Fatima Dundee Unversity :
hey setifians we have a same problem with CNEP at ORAN on 93 the property department of the CNEP athorised to construct 245 Flats and leaved uncomplete till some families occupied them a EL HEMRI which some of poor families ocupied illegally these Flats since taht time. if this ABBC and its British and Irish consorsiums are in the mesure ti update a new challenge to help these families will be geat! Thanks Mr Serrai and Thanks to SETIF.INFO
Khaled :
Well! Look like these British and Irish don’t get it right. What are they expecting? All these foreign investors know exactly the situation in Algeria. Any investment in Algeria is very risky. How can the prime minister help them? They should have sent their letter to the people who hold power in their hands and can take decisions - the prime minister doesn’t have this power. Anything else is a waste of time.
Azzedine :
If the British or the Irish or whoever wants a piece of business in Algeria, they have to pay. They have to pay some big fat shots up in the hierarchy in the ALgerian system or partner with them. The only way to be able to get into Algeria, is through the back door, through bribes and kick backs at the expense of the poor Algerian people. Please understand that the people running these banks, companies, administrations in Algeria are the least capable amongst the Algerians, are the most corrupt, are the most dishonest and they don’t want to be exposed and that’s why they don’t answer you. They would rather keep the status quo and they want nothing to change because it is not in their favor. It is a shame. How can you explain someone who went to jail for 2-3 years for embezzlment (stealing) of public funds and corruption is promoted to a higher post when he is released from jail. Nowadays corruption is all over Algeria, even if you want a birth certificate from the APC, you pay (...)

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