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Kamel Lafi is back to the management of ESS

Sunday 22 July 2007, écrit par : Setif Info, mis en ligne par : Boutebna N.

We learn from sure sources that Walid Sadi decided definitively to withdraw management of the club ESS. In any case, our source affirms that the decision to withdraw one of the providers of funds of the club is irrevocable. On the other hand, it was learned that Kamel Lafi is back to the management of the the club. It is what we learned according to a source worthy of faith which adds, in addition, that this one discussed with the boss Abdelahkim Serrar, on this subject.

Contacted by our care, the former president of section confirmed to us to be contacted by Serrar. “Indeed, Serrar, which remains before a whole brother, invited me to say to me that it needs me in his committee. I do not have any disadvantage to return because, for me, to serve the Agreement is initially a duty. In any case, I am ready to integrate the office and to bring with my modest contribution more to all the team”, will say to us it. And to add: “I do not return to replace X or Y. No! I do not have any problem with anyone in or apart from the office, quite to the contrary. When Hakoum announced to the other leaders my return as manager of the club, everyone accomodated its proposal favorably”, will still add our interlocutor. It should be known that Kamel Lafi occupied, hardly two years ago, the post of president of section which it will occupy again, one learned according to our source.

Setif Info/Algerian press

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