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May 45 : 20,000 people in Setif in the “Loyalty march”

vendredi 8 mai 2009, écrit par : Ennaharonline/APS, mis en ligne par : Boutebna N.

More than 20,000 have taken part Friday in Setif province (300-km east of Algiers) in the-loyalty march," to commemorate the massacres of 8 May 1945.

They followed exactly the same itinerary as that famous peaceful procession that was cruelly repressed by the colonial forces, 64 years ago. Minister of Moudjahidines (war veterans) Mohamed-Cherif Abbas, Setif’s local authorities, secretaries general of national organizations of Moudjahidines, children of Chouhada (martyrs), preceded by a group of young scouts, who were walking in front of the impressive procession.

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