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Algerian British Business Connect accuses CNEP Bank as investments obstructionist

Saturday 11 August 2007, écrit par : Algerian British Business Connect, mis en ligne par : Boutebna N.

Algerian British Business Connect (Center) sent a letter to the Algerian Prime Minister Mr Abdelaziz Belkhadem in order to push Reserve and Saving National Fund Bank (CNEP) to pave the way for British investors who showed interest on Setif Tower-El-Ali" project.

The letter, of which El Khabar got a copy, requested to get clarifications as some Irish and British companies submitted bids through ABBC in order to complement the project of El-Ali Tour, located in Setif city, which works are still stopped for ages.

ABBC says that CNEP bank direction has already omitted 5 bids, adding that 3 Irish and British companies could not submit their bids to acheive the above project because specifications and technical cards that the ABBC requested a long time ago from CNEP have never been received since.

The letter which is signed by ABBC Chairman Mr. Zahir Serrai requested from the Prime Minister to intervene as soon as possible to solve the issue and help the ABBC doing its job that consists in attracting as much investors as possible to Algeria.

From Algerian British Business Connect

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