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ERIAD Setif: The court of Setif returned its verdict

Wednesday 15 August 2007, écrit par : Setif.Info, mis en ligne par : Boutebna N.

The ERIAD business group finally knew its epilogue. Yesterday, the court of Setif returned its verdict. The ex-chairman of the group, the principal defendant, was condemned to seven years of prison closes and to 700.000 DA of fine, the various general managers of the subsidiary companies and managers were condemned at 5 years of prison closes and 500.000 DA of fine. The director general of the-Moullins de Bibans" of-Bordj Bou Arréridj" city, as for him, profited from a withdrawal of case and another chairman, in escape, was entitled to 10 years of prison closes and 1 million DA of fine, the maximum sorrow. Three of the tradesmen accused for “benefit of the influence of agents of an economic public company” were condemned to three years of prison and to 300.000 DA of fine, 71 others bailed out some 7 years sorrows closes and a fine of 700.000 DA, whereas 83 others profited from a withdrawal of case. The goods of the accused were placed under seals within the framework of the law of the fight against the corruption.

Translated by Setif.Info from El Watan

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