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The FFS party crying fraud in Setif
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The FFS party crying fraud in Setif

Monday 15 October 2007, écrit par : Boutebna N.

The treatment of lists of candidates for the forthcoming local elections in the administration that validated 323 lists from 14 parties involved in the communal elections and 7 lists in the race for representation at the APW (Popular Assembly of the Wilaya), the second wilaya most populated in Algeria, was not the taste of the FFS (Forces Socialistes) that has already embarrassed to shout to the fraud.

The party of Hocine Ait Ahmed, who estimated on a quota of 30 lists, has been authorized, according to its representatives, to apply only 20 lists.-Before affixing dismissed our lists, the administration has, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, tossed from one office to another. While a party of the Alliance presidential received all respects. With this way of doing things, this is another way to defraud. It is now up to us to eliminate the competition before the start of the ballot" said Zoubir Boufedji, head of the FFS list in Setif. Mr. Boufedji did not fail to note that all the bodies were seized and a complaint against the administration was filed on October 10 on the ground aware of obstruction and abuse of power.-Having accepted unlikely that the FFS will redeploy outside the Kabylie, vigils have prevented our activists to file a list of Ayn Oulmène, one of the largest cities in the south of the wilaya," said an activist who FFS it starts with a slogan:-Stop Wasting." At this time, local authorities have not yet reacted to the accusations of FFS. The formation of Ait Ahmed, (MP Setif in the early 1960s) will, according to some indiscretions, the kickoff of the campaign from the high plains, where it has a large contingent of voters.

Allegiance and archaism

The political map of a region as large morfondue which has for decades in the policy of-allegiance" will certainly be remodeled, some observers believe. As far as RCD will be part of the communal lists with 22 and another of the APW. The party of Said Sadi, not having an anchor on the side of « Ain El Fouara », performed so as to disrupt the presidential alliance, which has a monopoly on high setifian plains that will undoubtedly live a campaign of the most eventful . With 45 lists, in addition to that of the APW, FNA of Touati also met its grain of salt, just like the Workers’ Party, which is seeking seats in 38 constituencies out of the 60 that make up the wilaya. To make full, the single is now forming in the corners of the region. The RND, which in turn tries to regain ground with between 59 lists. The formation of Ouyahia who held five municipalities of less importance attempts to put in the most important urban centers such as the capital, where she placed as the lead Faïçal Ouaret, an architect writer, known and appreciated by the population. Pay no doubt picking up the pieces of war heads, El Islah, which was to co-majoritaire Sétif and controlled the wealthy and important municipality of El Eulma is the biggest loser in the case. The leak militants had negatively impacted on the performance of the party that could not concoct 7 lists. With a contingent of 47 groups, the organization of Soltani, not currently holding that the city of Amoucha, wants to improve its performance.

In realizing that he has not properly managed the 29 municipalities that were under its control, FLN has dismissed the majority of P /APC on the grounds that they « failed » in their mission while the cases are solid. To regain control of the municipality of the capital, the old party has designated Hamdi Belbacha, a militant very introduced in the mid-youth. The process of the formation of Belkhadem registered with the list in the former APW, including a former chairman of the NPC, is still grinding teeth.

Translated from El Watan by Setif.Info

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