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7 terrorists belonging to a supply cell for Al-Qaeda arrested

Monday 6 August 2007, écrit par : Boutebna N.

Security services identified 14 terrorists who compose a supply cell for what is called Mars squad which belongs to Al Ansar Group this latter operates under the command of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

Security sources mentioned that the majority of the cell elements are originated from villages surrounding Cap Djenat municipality in Boumerdés wilaya.

Security services arrested7 terrorists belonging to a group of 14 who were all identified. Security sources said that the group used to operate around Bordj Menaiel circumscription and Cap Djenat municipality in Boumerdés since the beginning of 2006. The so called Abu Salah, the leader of Mars Squad, charged the 14 terrorists to support and attribute his Squad that operate under the banner of A-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Organization.
The same sources revealed, further, that the two parties operated directly until security services discovered the group threads.

From El Khabar

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