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Security services dismantle arms trafficking network in Setif

mercredi 26 novembre 2008, écrit par : El Khabar, mis en ligne par : Boutebna N.

12 elements composing two arm trafficking networks in Setif eastern province, will be referred today to the General Prosecutor at the Court of Setif, while their case will be considered by a Court specialized in the organized crimes, a reliable source told El Khabar.

According to the same source, the 6 arrested elements composing the first group are aged less than 30. Their crimes were spread through Setif, Batna, El Oued and even Libya. This network has been specialized in arms trafficking through the borders. The investigation brigade in Setif has managed breaking up the group following an investigation conducted during the recent months. The brigade elements have trapped the traffickers as they simulated themselves as clients wishing obtaining arms.
A month later, the investigation brigade has managed arresting the network elements after attacking their weapons manufacturing workshop situated at Ouled Selam region in Setif.

Another network composed of 6 elements specialized in rifles and automatic arms dealing, has been dismantled 3 days ago. The network elements have been arrested at Ain Azal town in Setif.

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