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The French Ambassador in Algeria: “May 8, 1945, a heinous carnages”

Monday 28 April 2008, écrit par : Sétif Info, mis en ligne par : Boutebna N.

The Ambassador of France to Algeria, Bernard Bajolet said the time of disavowing recognition of crimes has gone forever-the heavy responsibility of French authorities" in the carnages of May 8th, 1945.

This is the first time a responsible french describes as-carnages" repression by the French authorities manifestations of Algerians for independence. The Ambassador of France took his remarks yesterday in front of Guelma, in front of students university of 8 May 45.

There had been in 2005 at Setif, Ambassador Hubert Colin de Verdière had described the repression of demonstrations on 8 May 1945-inexcusable tragedy." And then, last December, President Nicolas Sarkozy, the University of Constantine, had raised him,-misconduct and crimes of the past" french colonial Algeria, crimes qualified-unforgivable".

And always about the carnages of May 8, 45, France’s ambassador to Algeria, Bernard Bajolet, admits today,-very heavy responsibility of French authorities at the time."

Step by step, slowly but surely, the State french door a new look at its colonial history, a more objective light. This new perception can be summed up in this sentence of France’s ambassador, Bernard Bajolet, delivered yesterday in Guelma:-time of denial is over."

It remains to be seen how significant this breakthrough by anyone here, demanding, with insistence, an official apology for a stronger impetus is given to bilateral relations.

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